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We are women in Colorado’s Upper Arkansas River Valley who are deeply concerned about our country’s social-political climate and the precarious state of our planet. We’ve come together to support one another and to find meaningful, effective ways to address the issues that matter to us.

Our Purpose is to offer:

  • a safe, supportive space for you to share your heart with other like-minded women
  • specific ways for you to be involved, offer your gifts, and make a difference
  • information, resources, and trainings that will empower you to be an effective communicator, bridge-builder, and engaged citizen
  • programs and opportunities to cultivate your wisdom, courage, and confidence as a woman
  • a community to provide you encouragement, renewal, and hope


As we think, speak, and act, we’re aiming for:

  • compassion and lovingkindness
  • an inclusivity that honors diversity
  • a presence that melts fear, creates safety, and builds trust for genuine dialogue and connection
  • finding common ground as we listen to and honor one another’s stories
  • relationship-building that’s based on mutuality and respect
  • staying connected as the best way to manage overwhelm and despondency
  • addressing immediate needs while working toward long-range goals
  • involvement that matches our individual gifts, passions, and callings
  • well-being of heart, mind, body, and soul
  • investing our best in the concentric spheres of community: family, neighborhood, town, region, nation, and world
  • participation in the dialogues and decisions that affect our families and our neighbors
  • a healthy democracy of true freedom and justice for all


If you are of the same heart, we invite you to join us.

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